Breaking Through The Storm


From the title itself, has a deep meaning for today's post. It's at the end of Ramadhan. 23rd to be exact. For me, it supposed to be the last sprint towards increasing my deeds and ibadah on this last 10 days of Ramadan which is the protection from hell fire (it'qun minan nar). But perhaps myself isn't qualify enough to be a good muslim as I am weak and sinful as always.

I need to boost my imaan and spirit all together to finally work out deeds and prevent my heart from doing sins. It takes lots of effort. And Allah only knows how far I can hold my anxious and patience. For those who are in my shoes, you would feel the same as I am. Feel bad and sinful. Feel like you have tarnish your own records. Clean records of deeds with sins and wrong doings.

Especially feeling regret everyday.

As I try to hold back and pushing forwards, the nightmares of sin is always there. Haunting me and keep reminding me that I would be doing the same thing as always.

So, I silence myself and think. Reflect myself with all of my hope.

It is a bad thing to do sins. However if we managed to withhold it, it would be a great deeds. The nafs that always blinded us from the true deeds can be suppressed if we always keep a good reminder to Allah. It has been proven.

Zikr and reciting the Quran cleanses your soul. Even if its one ayat. I'm telling this to reminding back of all the wrong things that I done, it would be perish with Allah forgiveness if we repent always. And always try to avoid doing that same kinda mistakes.

It would take a whole lot of effort and patiences brother and sister. But, it is for the one only purpose. To get His redha and barakah to live in this world and to archived Jannah To be save from hell fire.
So, as for you and I who have read this small piece of thought, may Allah forgives us with His Merciness and Compassion.

May Allah protect us from nafs and Shaytan which always misleads us. May Allah kept us in His Mercy. May we always remind of Him. Everyday.



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