Thursday, 15 December 2016

Heart Swings.

It's December. Last month of this year. 2016. One step closer 2017. What's your revelation?

Been kinda busy with work and juggle with time for my family in Kelantan. Frequent visit nowdays. Gosh how I really miss my family this past few days, even thou I already back last week. Since I work far away from home, goin' back is the only way I can to fulfill my empty life. Hahaha.. such a drama king. Lots of chores are already done. Spick span ( I guess clean and sparkly? ) now I have bought a vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning. Not that I dislike broom and sweeping but man.. my house is always dusty.

Thursday. I fast today. Hoping that I would maintain my fast until the end of the period. It's been a while for me. And why do I fast? Well, lets just say that someone suggested that I fast today. And she's ( yes.. a girl ) wanted to do too. But my intention is only one. To do lots of good deeds. Just to find His Redha especially. So, I set my 'niat' sincerely towards Allah. In everything. InsyaAllah. She was just a mere small reason. I really wanted to do it.

Been trying to lose weight too. Although I didn't hit on the gym yet, I nearly lost a lot by controlling my food intake. It's pain-staking. But it should be done years ago. I really love to eat. Everytime. So, I gain a lot last month just by goin out and having lots of delicacies to be eaten. The regret comes later. Hahaha.. Some of my friend also suggested I do indoor work outs. But I am too lazy to do it. See there? Procrastinate all the way it is.

Knowing someone in the past few days through BaitulMuslim. She seems kinda nice. Pretty. Ask my mom on her opinion about it. Well, she wanted me to find a wife that works. For me, even if she doesn't work, it's kinda okay. I know she worried a lot about me. My salary wasn't high as others and I really bad in money management. My spending and my savings aren't really tallied. She concerned that I might not be able to sustained my family if I was the only one working. Plus, nowadays our country's economic and growth wasn't good as it should be. Price hike and taxes including GST really does a lot to the people. Especially us.

I know the concern. I just know her for about 3-4 days. Let us see what happen next. Taaruf isn't short. It's really a long process of knowing someone. I've been doing this a lot. And most of it wasn't really have a good ending. Maybe this one too. Who knows? I just keep chill and carry on my life. Mom and me also got someone in mind. I said to her that I would think for a while before making decision. I'm 26, so I'm not rushing to find one. But if He wanted, why wouldn't I? It is His fate after all.

So I have 2 people that I taaruf for now. Which one is the one that will accompanied me for the rest of my life? I guess I let time to tell it. And His working. After all the effort that I done, I should istiqamah and rely all the decision to Him. Kinda nervous to know. Both of them said that if I found someone that really suits me, please do tell. They don't want to be burden by it. Let alone fighting for me. That's why for now I'm just being a friend that always there to help. If needed. 

InsyaAllah. Hope that it turn to be a good one. Amin.

Thanks for reading this piece of mind sharing experiences. Pray me.   

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