Descendent Of Yawning..

It's April folks! 6th April 2016, around 10.20 am. Sitting on my bed type, hype bout today. It's my brother's birthday! Both of them that is. One is today and tomorrow the other one. My youngest siblings kept reminding me about his upcoming birthday. Nearly every chance he gets. Hehehe.. And turns out I'm wishing the wrong person in the morning. *Sigh..

Turns out my 5th bro's birthday is tomorrow. Awful mistake. Luckily only he knows. Gingling bout my mistake, he knows that his brother must be confuse with it. Hihi.. Anyhow, he hung up and the day went by. Spending my off day listening to music and type at the same time. It's English time by the way. All the way, till the end of this post. Hahaha.. try to adapt myself typing. It's been a while.

My English might also rusty as I rarely speak to patients with it. I love Malay and also i adore English language. It widen my perspective and I get to learn more about culture and surroundings. Although some time I didn't get the tradition, the slang or the trend that they following. It takes time. But knowledge is power. The more you conquer, the wiser you get.

Moving on...

Months never been a good friend with me. It always come with surprises..

Hopefully... April will be good with me. Lots of things happen in the past month. The struggle that I had with inner self which it is a war of mind domination every single day, fighting the bad and the good. Reckless time and money spending, that should supposedly be manage efficiently as I gain lots of experiences trying to resolved it. But yet again, passion wins organize management. Again. Hahaha..

Lazy and kept having lots of headache.

Supposedly I need to manage things accordingly, yet again procrastinations is the my nemesis. Tend to put it aside and finish it when nearly at the end. Man, I need to change this.

Again, blank when wanna talk more bout life. Seems that there were lots of ideas but as I type my next words, it disappears.

+ been playing COC again with a new base and new clan.. but not occasionally as I used to. play just to kill some times when waiting.
+ started to watch this Korean drama call 'Descendent From The Sun'. My sis said that it is quite a good drama. But if there are some heavy romance scene, I need to stop. It wasn't my type. Just a simple romance will do. Like me. Wah! Hahaha..
+ planning to save some money by restricting myself goin' to stall or restaurant that is far or expensive. Hopefully I'll achieved my aim on saving. Whatever it takes.
+ need to lose weight too.. Hahaha..

Oh well.. I think that's all? Aite?



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