Air Headed Mind..

Hiba by Hujan..

It's a new beginning.. I hope..

Starting this year with my late post. Much things goin' on lately. New year with new resolution. Other people's resolution, not mine. Mine? Let's just say I remain silent bout it. Trying very hard to stay positive and end up still the same old me. Different is that the pain from my previous accidents accompanied me very loyally. *sigh..

This month will be packed with overtime since I eagerly wanted to do it. No, you shouldn't regret it. It's your choice by the way. Hah. So, another obstacles this month is that i need to work for 5 days straight and only off for one day. This day ( Friday ) marks the end of half of January. Starting to work tomorrow. Yey! *again with sigh...

I attend my monthly assembly today. Same old routine. Bashing by boss. Again it's my decision to attend this month since I didn't want to attend others next time. Bored? Of course. Luckily el comrade beside my whispering and chit chat all the time until we finish the assembly. Quite early today for the assembly to end.

Meet up with my old buddy at a restaurant. Seems he just know bout my last year's tragedies. Irony isn't it? I visit him when he was sick, on cast because of accident. Now it's me. He felt sorry for not knowing bout it. It wasn't his fault. I really didn't mention it to others. Rather kept it from them. Didn't want them to worried much.

Tonight? Listening to old Hujan's song while typing. It ease me. At least. Reading old post on January bout the same thing. The same problems. It's really a bothersome thing. Seriously. It involves emotion and also devotion that really cripple towards Him after you done it. I don't know how I would ever get over with it. But I still hoping for that time to come. InsyaAllah..

So, that's bout it. See how air headed i be when i type? Without hesitation and also without anything to be shared. Only one whole day full of nonsense.

How bout you? Let us pray and du'a for our best in tomorrow. He is The Most Forgiving ( Ghaffur ).
While there's still time. Me and you. Let us finish this reading with saying..

' Tomorrow, I shall be a better man than today '

Thanks.. for lending your eyes to read.


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