Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Elephant Crush..

mixed feelings.. i don't know..

feeling archiving something.. celebrate the awakening and at the same time bash down fall towards mother-earth.. from the ego and also the awkward moment...

being in a comfort zone does change you.. a lot..

i'm talking about changes people.. people do change.. and especially when it totally about you..

yup, i'm a change man.. to the worst jerk world has ever known...

and regretting these stupid behavior does change one point of view...

not all jokes can be accept.. not all the sarcasm they can handle..

and when one does feel a little comfy on his own zone.. entering someone zone..

should he appreciate and silent.. not to look down laughing hilariously...

seriously.. a simple trip really teach me a lot.. how i was behaving.. how i talked without think..

disrespect the opinion.. and even worse.. make fun of someones dream..

i blame myself totally.. and i know it hurts... having the close one talk like that..

i'm sorry.. if he is reading this..

i think i might....

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