Sunday, 30 March 2014

Confession Of A Sinner..

there's a limit for every human.. every living things.. a limit that stands for change..

a better change perhaps.. and it supposed to be ever-lasting..

and in need change.. it thirst for effort, pray and tawakal..

and i lack every points there is..

sins kept hurdle me down.. towards a path.. an unhealthy addiction..

and the struggling to keep faith in Him.. worsening with every moment the devil steal..

to subconsciously drifted one away... far away from Allah...

to he.. it is a success..

to me.. a big failure of self-control.. freaks out every moment i spend my life thinking how stupid i am on doing it..

frustrating.. demolish all my bricks of work hard...

His plan are valid.. truth and always right.. and the qada' and qadar i have to take.. i accept it..

the cough.. the back pain.. it could get worse..

the absent mind.. the shallow of one body unable to resist temptation of madness.. of luscious being..

lust that attract being.. slowly making everything seems better if you follow your desire..

over the iman.. the thought of doing.. the after-effect..

pray and hope is just the thing... I kept.. forgetting..

may i have the strength.. the will to survive your world ya Allah...

the addiction is never ending..

the pain is always there..

the sins kept numbering...

and my life kept shortening... so bare with Him.. Iqbal Hakim..

it's not to late..

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