Saturday, 4 January 2014


assalamualaikum.. everytime i have trouble.. problem with myself.. i seldom wish i can erased it..
but then again things have been done.. it shows how weak your heart.. your iman is..
as the advice from the holy book tells us to lower our gaze.. be gentle.. and avoid zina..
seems like every word from Him we disobey it..
ad-dunnia seems like heaven for them who their soul drifted like a leaves through the river..
as a sailing ship blowing by wind without setting course...

and as day passed.. months and years gone.. new revelation.. hope and dreams we set up..
to burn the desire to do good and be a pious man..
the truth is every single one of human.. is being tested.. whether they hold to their promises..
whether they can undeniably fight the needs of doing wrong..
filter their eyes and ears as girls.. money seduce them..
avoiding thinking.. I MIGHT BE LIVE TOMORROW..

regreting and cry as you want.. before the suns shines from the West..
when deeds and sins can no longer be gain.. sins can't be repent.. deeds aren't be judge..
door of forgiveness closing tightly as the wave of destruction come upon us insani..
there are no exits what so ever.. when your wealth.. your looks.. your power..
are defeated by His own power.. His WILL..
The End is near yet we didn't care at all..
the signs are there.. the Quran has told us.. each and every one of religious preacher warn us..

aren't we still be stupor.. and accepting our sins..
and THANKFUL as Allah shown us the path.. Even though we are completely dirty with sins..




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