Juggling Mind..

Life is short.. It's even shorter when you thinking about it..

Misery and sins.. They kept haunting you..

You try to avoid it.. Nevertheless these words i kept saying..

Are always repetitive.. It always does..

As dear human being that was created by Him.. showing how weak our hearts are..

When we try to stand still and accept His gift.. His attention..

You stumble back in that black hole.. Gone deeper and even deeper then before..

Realizing that.. It weakened you soul.. Your body to dig your feet to the ground..

Try finding ways to overcome.. The route which absolutely sins-free..

It isn't simple..

A life does have a simple and easy way dear soul.. dear body that being borrowed from Him..

Letters you type.. Thoughts of down sadness..

He knows how suffer you are to fight that passion..

The eager of a youth trying so hard to avoid it.. Yet it happen.. Oftenly..

So.. Dear ALLAH..

I pray not to be weakened.. to stay strong with my iman..

I've been totally immersed with the wrong doings.. Now it's time for me to do good things..

Thinking only you.. Doing things you prefer...

InsyaALLAH.. this paragraph of heartbroken can be ease by Your only wisdom..

AL-Quran.. Show me the way...


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