Dilema Extenders...

Peneman setiaku.. DCE 5933

Looks like my day just got better.. In more sarcastic meaning..

Others are now packing and ready to be posted outside of Penang.. While i'm struggling with my log book that isn't finish..

Perasaan dalam hati nie hanya Allah and the ones around me knows..

Sad? Of course la.. Mana tak sedih.. Sebab kawan-kawan seperjuangan bakal meninggalkan bumi Penang akhirnya..

While i'm still stuck here.. No offenses.. Penang ok, as well as the hospital itself..

Tapi terasa juga nak explore tempat lain.. Nak gain knowledge.. Doakan aku lepas extend nie dapat kecemasan juga..

InsyaAllah.. I won't be sad anymore thanks to support and moral values from my mom and dad..

They know me well.. Hahaha..

Biarpun stay lame sikit sini.. ( Upcoming lak bulan Ramadhan.. Mencabar tue.. )

Mungkin ada hikmahnya..

And i felt a lil bit better.. After typing all this nonsense.. Hahaha..


* latest update 18/6/2017 : currently working at the best place in the world. Alhamdulillah.. KSM Sg Siput. =). On the way on having a post-basic on diabetic.


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