Pressing The Panic Button

It has been a while since i updated my blog.. And it's really quite a long time...

Peace be upon you my friends and readers..

As you read the tittle up there.. My life was totally different today.. Lots of thinking the reasons what and why it is happening..

I put the blame on me on the contrary.. Since i'm not aware bout it...

Got a little confused there? Ok, i twisted my words long enough for me to complete a paragraph up there.. SEE? ( Hehehe.. Just kidding though.. )

I missed my final paper and SUPPOSEDLY my last paper that is Operation Theater paper..

I asked my friend bout my last paper.. And she's said ( YES, it's a girl.. ) my last paper should be at evening too.. ( when i re-call back.. yup, that's what she said.. )

Confident enough I wake up reading notes and at 8.30 am.. I message her again..

This time i text her bout the notes that i asked yesterday.. And she seems forget bout it..

Never mind.. Maybe she's also had a rough time reading all the notes..

And she said a couple of topics might be need to be read..

So far.. No questioning and i keep on reading...

I got too tired and rest for a while when suddenly at 10.30 am my trusted friend call..

" Dude, you finish your paper early man.. I didn't see you "

" Er.. What paper? "

" WHAT? You know that our paper is on MORNING right? "

face palm all of the sudden.. and panic button was press really really hard..

only He knows how panic i was during that time.. All of my effort in my last semester..

The practical.. The test.. My head is dizzy..  ( might be from adrenaline rushing through my blood.. )

I panicked long enough.. And didn't think right...

Seriously at that time i feel lost..

My dad as usual.. Reminding me bout how frequently i take easy on such things like this..

Also the main thing.. WHY ISN'T ANYONE REMIND ME bout the morning paper?

Feeling kinda betray and lost..  I call my lecturer and asked him how can i sit in for the paper..

And he said.. that i should take M.C..

Try to discuss to the Academic Board when should i take my paper..

It's the only way.. Since my college wouldn't except any kind of excuses except for a logical one..

( in this case.. my illness i think.. )

So, i rushed to the nearest hospital to check for my health..

Seems to me that i also had cough and cold a few days.. and i ain't taking any M.C when i'm sick..

It was kinda shame and nervous to asked for a medical leave..

But the condition i had been made me realize that i HAD to..

I've my M.C and also my cough syrup ( smile.. )

Tomorrow should be a busy day for me.. to meet with Academic Board about my paper..

And i think i wanna deactivate my FB.. Seems that it just procrastinate my time of reading and studying..

Wanna contact and have friend? Well, get a life.. Meet them and hang out with them..

I feel disappointed with my unawareness.. and now.. with my friend...

Dad said that non of them ever realize that i'm not around..

Even my mom makes joke bout it.. Sayin' how can they didn't realize a big person like me would be absent in the exam..

i don't wanna blame them.. as they are also being absorbed with the exam..

but slightly depress bout it..
all the calls and the text they kept sending me.. I refuse to answer all of it..

maybe my mood isn't good right now..

pressurize by this things..
But i would thank to my dad and mom for being concern and didn't get mad at me..

I was too tired today... and the illness just weakened my body and my mind..

I chuckled.. Yup, i'm sick..

Thanks to my friend Ahmad Ibrahim for realize my absentees.. If it would for you..

I wouldn't know bout the paper..

All the things happen might teaches me that I should take it seriously when it comes to exam and papers...

Secondly, being a friend is one thing.. But being a concern and helpful buddies is another thing..

Well... That's wrap up all my 30 minutes of typing this long post..

In ENGLISH as well.. ( Hahaha.. )

Thanks for reading..

I'm trying to be positive about it.. = )

Don't worry.. = D

Ahmad Iqbal Hakim..


  1. haha, u like an invisibleman? sabar noo..

  2. no wonder la.. i'm kinda chubby and big.. and they didn't even realize me..
    nak sedih benda dah lepas..
    dah accept dah pun apa jua consequences..
    just kena remind that some of things are need to be notify and also noted.. = )


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