Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rain.. Rain.. Don't Go Away!

It is night already when i type this post.. Bored...

Really bored and lazy.. Just stay at home.. Nothing else to do other than typing something in this post..

Using a borrowed broadband ( Dude, inter-framing your name here? Can? Hahaha.. )

It's raining like cats and dogs ( I dunno why it's call by that animals? Is the heavy rain drops symbolize an argue of a cat and a dog? Questionable.. )

And talking bout rain.. I have lots of adventure with it..

I really LOVES rain rather than sunny day.. ( Doesn't mean I'm EMO.. Hahaha.. )

I remembered when i was little.. quite a naughty boy..

Playing football with my friends.. Kickin' the ball and occasionally  hitting the car which parked at the field..

Until the owners come and moved their car to park somewhere else..

WHEN IT RAINS... really.. it's the BEST moment thing ever..

Playing in the mud.. While rain kept pouring our head..

Great time playin' and sliding in the mud..

Until i came back home and gettin' scolded by dad..

Sorry dad.. But playing in the rain is so much fun.. = D

In my college years.. I always ride my motorbike to go for my classes and lectures..

And WHEN IT RAINS.. It's obviously starting to become into a two situation..

Weather it's a fun activity to go through it.. And gettin' skidded for slippery roads... ( Ouch! )

Or goes slowly enjoying the rain wet all my pants and clothes... ( And soakin' wet by arriving home.. )

Man, that's a lot of soaking time with Mr. Rain.. Hehehe...

But seriously i do love it.. Not only it's cold and cool to sleep..

It also brings back old memories.. From your old skool life.. Dating and have a romantic shelter of rain..

Rain does have it's magical soothing power.. TO KEEP US REMEMBERING OLD NOSTALGIC MOMENTS of LIFE..

How bout you?

Does rain have anything to do with your life? Other newly interested stories?

I bet you do.. <3


Long-Live Lover For Rain.. = D

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