Old Time.. Unforgotten..

This is where I seldom play with my friends.. still the same

*Renewed yesterday's blog.. Hehehe.. coz i saw lot's of mistake.. spelling error = P

You must be wondering.. whoa, another post.. this ideas keep pushing me.. to type another post.. huhu..

Really hard-working today ( and also didn't know what to do.. rather than asleep or watching movies until asleep.. same thing )

Today ( or.. tonight? whateva.. ) I'm gonna talk bout.. old times...

If you had a time-machine.. would you try to go back to your childhood memories? well, i want to...

Hehehe.. Old times ( or memories.. ) are always be a part of our life..

Teach us a good value bout friendship.. and experience....

And the times when we had a lot of laugh.. and cry..

I know i do.. seems just like yesterday...

We would play congkak with friends.. hide and seek... running along the paddy field until our legs full with leaches ( when i say leaches.. i mean a lot of it.. )

Playin' until dusk.. scolded by mom and dad.. even had to wait outside of the house coz coming home late.. = )

Sneaking into the kitchen.. eating biscuit crackers during the day on Ramadhan month.. ( I swear.. i didn't do it.. = P ), goin' terawikh with my datok and nenek... ( Rest In Peace.. =' ) )

Climbing trees.. 'Main Polis Sentri' and much more.. if i may.. i want to list all of my favorite childhood games..  

And yeah.. all those old memories that we kept.. were really precious...

So, do take some time and remember your childhood memories.. it's really nice and warmth to your heart to remember it.. and kept it in our mind.. for our future generation.. to share.. and to love.. = )

Thanks For Reading.. <3

I.Am.Me....  3rd March 2011.... 12.46 a.m...


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